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Categories Want to look at everyone’s snapshots from a specific cam? We’ve got a feature for that!Snapshots can be categorized by All Live Cams, Africa, Bears, Birds, Bison & Northern Lights, Cat Bless You, Dog Bless You, Mountains & Rivers, Oceans, or Zen Den (Meditations).. Here’s what you need to know about the new and snapshot sharing: 1 Use An Explore Account Sorry, we know this is going to be a big change for some! You must have an explore.. Just select your preferred category to skim through There’s also a search feature to find snapshots by individual live cam.

View Your Snapshot Archive All of your snapshots are now easily accessible in your snapshot profile.. As always, we are open to your feedback and suggestions Oh, and don’t forget to bookmark your new Snapshot Archive page: -Courtney.

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These video moments are shareable on explore org chat boards and social media, just like your live cam photos.. Now you can take your snapshot and post it directly to comments or social media from your snapshot archive! Take your snapshot, write your caption, and click the download arrow.. Search Your Favorite Cam You can search the snapshot archive by keyword as well! Just type in the name of your preferred live cam, and all related snapshots will appear: Have questions? Post them here. Mustek 1200 Ub Plus Driver Windows 10

New Years Day MLK Day Presidents Day Memorial Day Independence Day Labor Day Columbus Day Veterans Day Thanksgiving Christmas The city.. Just click your username on the snapshot you just took, and view your history: 4.. Post Your Snapshots to Comments or Social Media Ok, this feature’s pretty exciting.. While you’re signing up for your explore org account, don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter too, so you can get updates from us about new cams and special broadcasts!.

Since the feature is relatively new, not all cams have it enabled If your favorite cam doesn’t have video moments enabled, don’t worry, it will soon.. I’m really disappointed! A “warning” and “testing” time would have been REALLY appreciated.. Share Video Moments Now every time you take a snapshot, you’re also recording a video moment.. Now your snapshot is viewable From there, find your photo and then you can share your snapshot anywhere you like, including the comments page where you originally took your live cam snap: 3.. Dear explore, i’ve been bragging to everyone how great “explore” is Now, suddenly, without ANY warning (that i’m aware of), just when the bear cams (that we’ve been waiting 6 months for), there’s BIG changes and it looks like i won’t be able to keep my photos myself, maybe not really take any. cea114251b